Antiques and Handicrafts

Showroom Apfel Antik Vienna

The timeless world of APFEL-ANTIK opens up in the inner courtyard of Neubaugasse 31. Anyone looking for interesting art objects and furnishing objects with tradition will find what they are looking for here: Paintings, cabaret, bronze figures and furniture are presented on 300 m2 of retail space. Splendid chandeliers and fine carpets from far away countries complete the range and make you want to furnish your home. All precious items date from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and are genuine witnesses of old craftsmanship.

Leo Apfel

Leopold Apfel Apfel Antik Antiquitäten Wien

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." The origin of this saying cannot be traced back one hundred percent to the Apfel (Apple) family, but it would be possible. Leopold Apfel's parents, Bernd and Annemarie Apfel, traded in old goods and antiques. But as a boy Leo had only two things on his mind - reading books and catching fish in the Danube. If you like, he's got the second one. Fishing is continuously ongoing for small, medium and large antiques. Catching the really big antique fish, that's one of Leo's visions that drives him again and again!

Irene Schwarz

Irene was born in the zodiac of the Pisces. Pisces are said to have a penchant for the artistic. So Irene feels like a fish in the water amidst all the art objects at Apfel-Antik. As a marketing and communications specialist, Irene designs and organises Apfel-Antik's advertising and event activities. Irene's vision has something to do with furnishing. As a fan of modern furnishings, she is convinced that a mix of old and new will create an energizing atmosphere in the living area. It is the mixture that makes it lively!